Education Program


It is not only important to remind Americans of the sacrifices made daily to protect our freedom, it is equally important to educate the next generation. Through our Carry The Flag program, we are inspiring patriotism in Elementary, Middle School and High Schools. The program is an active way for students to learn the history of our Flag, what it stands for and those who have sacrificed to defend it.


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Carry The Flag education program also provides an amazing opportunity for College Students to experience first-hand what it means to #betheflag. Students have the opportunity to shatter the mold of ordinary summer experiences and embark on a month-long campaign with our National Relay team. As a part of the nationwide awareness event that travels across the country throughout the month of May, students will have the opportunity to grow in their college & professional careers and also in their personal lives. Professionally, students will develop better communication skills, how to work as a team, leadership skills, logistics, scheduling and how to interact with media among many others; all while being able to network with countless professionals in numerous fields of work. Personally, students will take part in a life-changing experience that will foster a greater appreciation for our military and first responder families and and the daily sacrifices they make to preserve our freedom. The positive impact this team is able to make in local communities across the country paves the way for younger generations to follow in the footsteps of appreciative, patriotic young adults.

Carry The Load Relay Video