Memorial May 2018

Avian Veteran Alliance
Avian Veteran Alliance

Avian Veteran Alliance

The Avian Veteran Alliance is a Non-profit organization providing FREE Eco-therapy to veterans and veteran related individuals. Our program is currently home to 25 different birds of prey who each have their own disability that prevents them from living their lives like they once did...wild. These birds now act as 'therapists' to our volunteers and visiting veterans. They provide a momentary distraction from not only the world around them, but also the world inside their heads. 

SARGE the Bald Eagle joined the program April 12, 2016 and instantly became the face of our program. We could not think of a better symbol for our team to carry. She will be making the entire March with her TEAM because we are a support system for each other and therefore never have to carry the weight alone. She will also be joined by several Eastern Screech Owls who are the first birds many of our veterans handle when they visit us. We hope that our particiaption helps raise funds for Carry The Load while also raising awareness about our program so that it can continue to have an impact on those who need it.

We invite you to join our team, no matter who you are, and walk with us on May 12, 2018. We also ask that you consider making a donation to support our team. While our team goal is $2,500 there is no such thing as too much support! You can either donate to the team as a whole or select an individual who you would like to cheer on.


Ria, Sarge, and the Avian Veteran Alliance Team




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