Rallies FAQs

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Carry The Load held it’s first event Memorial Day weekend in Dallas, Texas. After that event, word began to spread and supporters from other cities and states reached out wanting to host an event in their town. This was the birth of the Carry The Load Rally. Ambassadors and key supporters work with their local community to organize an event for their community to come out and support.

While the relay travels point to point always moving towards the Dallas Memorial March event, a rally is an event in one location. Most of the rallies are organized along the national relay route, but unlike the relay, you start and end at the same location in a rally. If you would like to organize a rally – email rally@carrytheload.org.

If you look at the corresponding route guide, you will notice some locations have a FLAG next to them, these are rallies. Click on the flag and it will give you specifics about that rally location. You can also look at the route guide to see where the relay is coming from before the rally and where it goes after the rally.

Yes, since rallies are in one location, ample parking is available at that location. All rallies do not include a walk; however, if they do include a walk, it will start and end at the rally location.

Yes, we strongly recommend you register so that up you can be counted as part of our mission. Registration is free and allows us to measure our impact. Note: If you are bringing a large group of 20 or more to the rally, we ask that you notify us via email rally@carrytheload.org.

Pets must be on leashes at all times and are permitted at most rally locations. National cemeteries do not allow pets on cemetery grounds, with the exception of service animals. National cemetery locations are noted on each of the rally posters attached to the route guides.

No. This is a family friendly event and all ages are encouraged to participate. We do ask that minors under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult or chaperone for their group.

Rallies are in one location and many do not have a walking portion to their event. A typical rally will have presentations from the stage as well as patriotic music. These rallies are designed to honor those who serve in the local community. We often have a Carry The Load flag you can sign and bibs you can wear to honor a loved one who served.

You can start your own rally. E-mail rally@carrytheload.org and our Rally Director will contact you to help you get started. This is how all rallies begin, one individual who wants to establish an event in their own community to honor those who serve.