Memorial May 2019

"TEAM CHR" Courage/Honor/Respect



* 2019 marks our SEVENTH year to participate as Team CHR and 8th total !!

As a team - "TEACM CHR" has raised well over $150,000 in total donations

This is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT and was only possible and due to the commitment and effort of our team members and abundant generosity of our donors.

Team CHR is made up of SOLID, PATRIOTIC INDIVIDUALS that understand UNSELFISHNESSS and SACRIFICE. Amber and I are thankful for and proud to know each of you.  

MOVING into 2019 I want to make sure and REFOCUS the MISSION and EXPLAIN a few things... 

CTL is a series of events where team members raise money to GIVE BACK to our HEROS.  The movement begins in early May with an east coast relay, a west coast relay and a midwest relay, that culminate with a Dallas Memorial March over Memorial Day Weekend. 

Participants are welcome to walk Sunday and Monday of "MEMORIAL DAY" weekend" along Katy Trail, MAY 26th and 27th to show their own personal respect. The event will start at Noon on Sunday and continue until 3 on Monday.  Members of Team CHR will walk continuously, our goal being to always have somone on the course, until our bodies can simply go no further.  In past years, many team members have walked 40+ miles in both blazing heat and pouring rain. 

Why participate ?

Your Participation as a member of Team CHR is 100% about HONORING and SHOWING RESPECT to those HEROS that run towards chaos on a daily basis. I sleep well at night knowing that we still have Americans that will sacrifice their personal wellbeing for someone they have zero connection to. 

On a personal level: Participation in CTL an extremely HUMBLING and both SPIRITUALLY and PHYSICALLY HEALING. I cannot describe how great the sense of accomplishment I feel when I participate in this event. Additionally, I have never met anyone who said they regret participating.

I am PROUD TO SAY: TEAM CHR has not organized around a single corporate sponsor. Yet, we are regularly among the top 5 largest national fundraising teams. This is due to the effort and dedication to fundraising by our team members. We are a true grass roots fundraising juggernaut. It is a source of great pride that our average donation is around $50., and yet we have acheived such great success.

The amount of time that team members spend sending emails, texts, calling, or personal messaging through social media is a small amount of effort in comparison to the sacrifice our Police, Firemen, EMS, and military personnel sacrifice for us. The physical pain that we may endure as we walk for 20 hours is more than bearable in knowing that TEAM CHR is able to give back to those who RUN TO THE SOUND OF CHAOS.

Many people walk with their spouses, and their children. I recommend family involvement as CTL is a great opportunity to teach dedication, devotion, sacrifice, courage and honor to the next generation. I ask you to spread the word and get as many friends, and co-workers involved as possible.

If you decide to join, it will be an honor to have you on Team CHR.

We praise God above and are eternally grateful for your participation and donations.




"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."

                                                                                         - John 15:13


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