Memorial May 2019

Team Brothers

Carry the Load is a non profit dedicated to providing active, meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation's heroes - military, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders.

As you know, the Hicks Family have sponsored a team for the past several years to honor their brother and his teammates who proudly  serve and protect our country and willingly make many sacrifices on our behalf every day, please join our team, Team Brothers this year in support of our brave warriors.

The Dallas Memorial March begins on May 28th at Reverchon Park, and ends at noon on May 29....Memorial Day.    The march is a 24 hour walk from Reverchon on the Katy Trail, and it is a wonderful way to try to understand what sacrifices are made daily by our military, law enforcement and first responders.

If you would like to participate in the walk, walk for an hour or simply join us at the Ice House after the ceremony on Memorial Day, we would love to see you.

Tommy, Mack, Alex and their families and I all appreciate your support this year.

God Bless America

And those who defend it




Luann Hicks  

Team Brothers

Please click on the link to join our team or donate to Carry the Load.

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