2020 Memorial May Virtual Events

AT&T Veterans South Carolina
AT&T Veterans South Carolina

AT&T Veterans South Carolina & FirstNet Supporters

The AT&T Veterans Employee Resource Group (https://www.attveterans.com) has partnered with Carry the Load for the past eight years, building an incredible relationship with this non-profit.  They are dedicated to providing active, meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes — military, lawfirefighters, firefighters, first responders and their families. As the former National President of AT&T Veterans, (uniting military veterans, their families and supporters), I am honored to continue as a Carry the Load Ambassador, assisting in AT&T and the FirstNet organization in their sponsorship efforts to support the causes important to this universe!

CTL's mission is personal to my family, as we continue our journey as an active duty Army family. Over our twenty years of service, ten physical relocations and five deployments, we have first-hand experienced the hardships unique to this lifestyle and the strength of the bonds we establish with others who have served. Carry the Load's events and supporters bring unity, hope and comfort in a way that is so needed and appreciated. Don't just attend a Memorial Day sale or picnic; spend time with those who have stories to share of real sacrifice and honor. This year, the COVID-19 situation makes it more difficult to have this time together physically, so doing something 'virtual' to honor those sacrificing on the front lines is even more important. Show others how proud they should be of these heroes and this country through your story (twitter, Instagram, Facebook) of who you are carrying that you may have lost, or honor those by doing something physical - taking a hike, walk or run in their memory.

As an twenty year employee with AT&T, I am also privileged to work alongside many former and current first responders as a part of our FirstNet Program (http://www.firstnet.com). Please join me, our South Carolina Chapter of AT&T Veterans, our FirstNet Program supporters and the many AT&T employees nationwide, as we remember, honor, and celebrate our nation's heroes this "Memorial May".

You can also participate by helping in raising funds to support the many organizations that Carry the Load enables to help heroes and their families by donating to our team's fundraising efforts! Thank you.

Jamie Rufolo


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