Memorial May 2021

Wirtz Warriors



Meet me in St. Louis, May 2021 for Carry The Load's May Memorial Rally! 

Join the Wirtz Warriors team to honor Scotty Wirtz.

Scotty is a fallen St. Louis warrior and hero! Scotty sacrificed his life on a mission for the Department of Defense with the Defense Intelligence Agency and was killed in Syria, January of 2019.  Scotty lived life to the fullest with a determination and commitment to excellence as a Son, Spartan, S.E.A.L. and Sniper. He was the ultimate warrior and it is true: God does break your heart because he only takes the best! Scotty was the best at all everything. Scotty was a true patriot that made the ultimate sacrifice of his life while protecting our country. 

Together we can honor and celebrate Scotty and the sacrifices made by him and the nation’s heroes as military, veterans, first responders and their families give of their spouses and children for our freedom and safety daily, some pay the ultimate sacrifice. Remember, honor, and celebrate our nation's heroes by participating in this event and raising funds to support organizations which help heroes and their families. We must never forget that some gave all!

Thank you and remember..."A true warrior does not fight because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind!" G.K. Chesterson

 Lisa Wirtz-Hampton (Scotty's Favorite Aunt)







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