Memorial May 2021

Patriot PAWS Staff & Friends

Patriot PAWS is proud to be a 2021 Nonprofit Partner of Carry The Load, and part of their Continuum of Care Program focused on Nonprofit Partners that provide healing services for our warriors and first responders. We have received incredible support from Carry The Load. Their collaborative approach to raising awareness, along with their financial help, has made a huge impact on our mission to train and provide service dogs at no cost to disabled veterans - we are so grateful!

America has certainly faced a lot of change and uncertainty lately, but the meaning of Memorial Day and the purpose of the Memorial May Relay remains unchanged – to remember and honor the sacrifices of American heroes who gave their lives in service to our country. Our commitment to support the Memorial May Relay also remains unchanged and we invite you to join our team. Not only will you have a direct impact on our mission and the amazing support we receive from Carry The Load's Continuum of Care Program, but you will also be helping America remember that it is right to honor our nation's heroes not just on Memorial Day, but on EVERY day!

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