2020 Memorial May Virtual Events


Chris's Misfits


A few years ago our buddy Chris got a few of his friends to join him in an event to honor the fallen on Memorial Day.  We can't thank him enough.  His actions have led to reunions between old military buddies and shared time that has helped make old wounds more bearable.


We are just guys who's paths have crossed in this thing we call life.  We all have life experiences that don't always fit together well, but we have one major thing in common, we love our country and will never forget the sacrifices made by those that have come before us, who have served with us and will serve in the future, to make this country the best place on Earth. 


Please consider joining our team.  Together we can help restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. Join this team and create your own personal page to tell your story.  Funds that you raise will "roll up" to the team total, and you can earn your Load Carrier shirt by raising $200 or more.


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