Memorial May 2021

Rockpointe Church

RockPointe Church is passionate about caring for our military, veterans, and first responders. Join us on May 30th and 31st at Reverchon Park in Dallas to participate in this event that provides a way to engage an unapproachable subject in an approachable way. Let's carry the load together honoring our heroes. 


You can remember, honor, and celebrate our nation's heroes by participating in the event and raising funds to support organizations which help heroes and their families. There are many ways to join and support this team:

- Join and help build the team

- Pray for the team

- Pray for our military, veterans, first responders, and families of the fallen

- Pray for our country

- Come and experience the event one or both days! The event begins at noon on Sunday, May 30th and ends at 1:30pm on Monday, May 31st. Come for 20 minutes, or stay from start to finish.

Help us gather in Jesus' name to share the hope within us through Him at this special and impactful event. Please join us for this opportunity to support and love our veterans and first responders, and honor the fallen by serving their families and loved ones.




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