2020 Memorial May Virtual Events
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Homes 4 The Brave

Homes 4 the Brave was founded by Mandy Livingston. Ms. Livingston has an undying passion for those that have fought for our freedom. In her vast experience of serving the veteran population she has witnessed countless local veterans on fixed incomes that are unable to make unexpected repairs on their homes. These repairs consist of HVAC systems going out and a family living without air or heat, Water heater issues and families going without hot water, roof leaks that go unaddressed and cause water damage to the interior of homes. In other cases, as our veterans age, they face mobility issues and do not have the extra funds to address emerging needs. These needs could be addressed with modifications as minor as building a ramp or as large as converting a tub to a shower. Such modifications have a huge impact on the safety and wellbeing of our aging and disabled veterans and sometimes a simple ramp, grab bar or tub conversion allows them the dignity and autonomy of staying in their home as long as possible. It is the mission of Homes 4 the Brave to serve those who have served through home modification and repairs. It is the goal of Homes 4 the Brave to build and donate homes to homeless veterans as well as continue the offering of free home modifications and repairs to veteran homeowners.

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