November 30, 2022

American Flag Appreciation

During career week at Bonham Elementary School in El Paso the Carry The Flag program was presented to 250 students. Kate Hubbard, a Lieutenant Veteran living on Fort Bliss, discussed opportunities to serve in the military and how to better serve the military and veteran community.

Presenting the Carry The Flag videos to the students brought an interactive way to fold the flag together as a group, and discuss what the flag meant to our country and service members. Encouraging the students to remember what each part of the flag represented, each student was provided a miniature flag, and Kate used the U.S. flag code and guidelines booklet provided in the Carry The Flag kit.

Honoring the memory of service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice, a memorial of storyboards was placed around the flag pole while the students said the pledge of allegiance. Knowing that in a community of active service members, the students were reminded that they are not alone in loss and inspired them to tell our nations heroes how they are appreciated.