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Carry The Load’s mission is rooted in raising awareness of the true meaning of Memorial Day. Throughout the year, Carry The Load provides opportunities for veterans to continue to serve as well as community events to connect Americans to the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes and ways to participate virtually. This type of outreach promotes healing in our communities. Join millions of people across the nation in a movement to honor and remember the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. Donate here to support our mission.

Memorial May

Join us for a month of meaningful events and activities that pay tribute to the brave men and women who have defended our freedom. Memorial May offers countless ways for individuals and communities to participate and make a difference!

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Patriot Day

In honor of Patriot Day, Carry The Load provides opportunities to volunteer in a National Day of Service or participate in our Heroes Challenge, a fitness challenge designed by military experts to honor and remember our fallen heroes.

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day to recognize, honor, and thank all of the men and women who have served in the U.S. military. Carry The Load provides multiple ways for you to show your appreciation and support our veterans.

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Continuum of Care

Collaborating with Partners

Carry The Load’s Continuum of Care program collaborates with corporate and non-profit partners to raise funds and awareness for military, veterans, first responders, and their families. Your generous donations means that we can support our partners in providing services like: counseling, adaptive training, suicide prevention, equine therapy, service dogs, job placement, and more.

Join our Continuum of Care program and become a non-profit partner today!

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Non-Profit Partners

Carry The Load Scholarship

Are you a dedicated student with dreams of attending college? Do you or someone you know face the challenging journey of continuing education after losing a parent in the line of duty? Carry The Load is here to stand by your side and offer a helping hand.

Visit our Scholarship Spotlight page to learn more and apply!

Scholarship Spotlight
Scholarship Spotlight
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Carry The Flag is an education program designed to inspire patriotism in our nation’s youth, by:

  • GIVING kids of all ages a way to earn service hours while giving back to the community and honoring those who have defended our freedom.
  • TEACHING the next generation more about our country and the sacrifices made by our military, veterans, first responders, and their families.
  • HELPING kids apply teamwork, responsibility, respect, decision-making, communication, and leadership through fun activities.

Find out more about how the program works and how you can leverage these free resources in the classroom or with youth in group settings.

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