December 13, 2023

Carry The Flag in Action

This year Wayside Middle School used Carry The Flag resources to celebrate Veterans Day on November 10th.  

Using the Display Our Patriotism activity as a guide they discussed the colors and visuals that represent being an American and the Flag.  Together, they created two forms of flag art mosaic that required dividing the flag into grids and one that added dimensions.  The art was hung in the main hallway of the school in full view of visitors entering the building for their Veterans Day celebration.

Next, they incorporated the Patriotic Awareness Activity by inviting local veterans to speak to the group about what the flag meant to them. Student Council members led the presentation with the pledge of allegiance, each sharing what America meant to them.

Students participated in service by decorating the halls and creating a Wall of Honor for our veterans. They also worked together to provide and serve breakfast and lunch to the guests. Student Council members acted as ambassadors for the veterans while the student body wrote thank you cards and letters for each veteran to honor them.