Memorial Day, Carry the Load, and the mission to reach patriots young and old

"We're setting the table for future generations."

DALLAS — I met Todd Boeding in Reverchon Park where Carry the Load will mark Memorial Day next week with its annual gathering of soldiers, veterans, their families and everyday Americans dedicated to holding the day in its proper reverence.

"It's energizing. It's motivating. It's inspiring. It gives a tremendous amount of hope," Boeding said.

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‘Carry the Load’ campaign reminds public of true meaning behind Memorial Day

Instead of honoring our fallen heroes, soldiers and first responders, we've started just grilling out and heading to the lake. That's why Carry the Load started.

We all need to be reminded at times, to think back about what the true meaning of something is.

Years ago, the feeling was that we had strayed from the true meaning of Memorial Day. Instead of honoring our fallen heroes, soldiers and first responders, we were just grilling out and heading to the lake.

That's why Carry the Load was started.

We begin a three part look at that organization and how it's grown into a huge nationwide walk, ending up in Dallas.

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Carry the Load treks through downtown San Antonio

Hundreds united to walk in honor of the sacrifices made by America's heroes.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas—It’s a mission to bring back the true meaning of Memorial Day and honor the sacrifices made by America’s heroes.

Hundreds of people gathered to trek through downtown San Antonio Sunday morning to share their stories and help Carry the Load.

Christi-An Hansley can’t help but get emotional when she remembers her grandfather. “Growing up, I only knew him as grandpa, and then to actually think that he fought in a war for my freedoms, too, it makes me realize more of what he went through,” Hansley said.

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Walkers with Carry the Load stop in Huntsville

By: Kelly Kennedy

Posted: May 18, 2019 09:18 PM CDT

People making their way from New York to Texas on foot made a stop at the Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial today.

They are making the trek to spread awareness about the true meaning of Memorial Day. The walkers pair up in teams of 8 and hand off the American flag every 5 miles. Walkers say they want people to understand the sacrifice military, first responders, and their families make.

Carry the Load Leg Captain, Cheyenne Colson, said "I lost both of my parents due to the military life and the sacrifices that were made, so this means a whole lot to me, and as we walk, we share our stories and other people share their stories, so this whole thing is a big healing process for all of us."

‘Carrying The Load’ in Tampa to honor our nation’s fallen heroes

TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) - "Carry The Load" is a national non-profit organization who wants to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. The phrase ‘carry the load’ refers to our fallen heroes and how we should never forget their sacrifice.

Saturday, May 18th Carry The Load is in Tampa rallying to honor the sacrifices of our nation’s military, veterans, and first responders. This organization provides ways to connect Americans the sacrifices that are made daily by our nation’s heroes.

“We want people to take a minute to just sit back and say thank you to those who made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Carry The Load Ambassador and Veteran Josh Lewis.

‘Carry the Load’ event honors military members, veterans

 - Saturday May 18th is "Carry the Load" day in Tampa, where the community marched together in support of those who dedicate their lives to military service.

Carry the Load is a non-profit organization with representatives across the country who organize events to honor Memorial Day, and on Saturday Tampa representatives invited the community out to march the Riverwalk.

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Walkers stop in Midland en route to Dallas from Seattle

By Brandi Addison

<p>David Lindsey, a Dallas fire fighter, and other team members from Carry the Load West Coast Team were joined in Midland by Pioneer employees 05/17/19 to help walk and raise awareness and funds honoring and</p>

For more than three weeks, members of Carry the Load have been making their way to Dallas. Carrying an American flag, walkers of the West Coast team started their trek on April 25 in Seattle. The team arrived in Midland — the 90th city on the walk — on Friday.

Carry the Load is a nonprofit organization that strives to restore the meaning of Memorial Day by hosting a 32-day relay to honor military personnel and first responders. Relay participants walk or cycle between 50 and 80 miles each day, handing off the American flag between one another every five miles. Each walker wears on his or her back the names of people they choose to honor each day.

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Carry the Load mission heading toward the ArkLaTex raising awareness for fallen heroes

Carry the Load

Step by step, the Carry the Load mission is on the move and making a difference. It's all about honoring the sacrifices of our nation's heroes and making the remembrance of people's loved ones bigger than just a holiday.

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