May 31, 2022

Memorial Day: Thousands ‘Carry the Load,’ attend in-person events to honor fallen heroes

Thousands of people took part in an event in Dallas meant to remind people about the meaning of Memorial Day and who it honors.

For Pauline Perez, this year is personal.

“I could’ve been the reason my family is out here continuing the tradition,” she said.

Perez is a firefighter with Dallas Fire Rescue. On Sept. 21 of last year, she nearly died.

She and the crew of Truck 25 responded to the Hidden Hills Apartment Complex for reports of a gas leak. She was badly injured in the explosion.

“I still have sleeves and gloves on my hands to protect myself from the sun but to be able to be out here and be able to talk and to be able to honor the heroes and put their lives on the line means a lot to me,” Perez said.

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