May 18, 2022

Group honoring our fallen heroes passes through Minot with ‘Carry the Load’

Memorial Day is still a couple of weeks away, but volunteers want to spread the word about the true meaning of the holiday.

We met with a group named Carry The Load, who are on a relay trek traveling through the U.S. with the names of fallen heroes on their backs.

“When we started we had a little Winnebago, just the three of us. It was crazy, people thought we were nuts. And then the next year we got one of these busses and we just kept walking and people just kept coming and coming, and their stories… So it’s all about the people. and its the grieving. You know it’s a great way for them to know that their daughter, son, husband, wife is remembered,” said Dill Driscoll, volunteer for Carry the Load.

Read or watch the full story HERE.

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