May 27, 2022

Air Force pilot still searching for the soldier he helped save

DALLAS — When he left the Air Force after eight years of flying a C-17 through the dangerous skies of places like Afghanistan, Nate Cavender still wanted to find a way to serve his country.

“We got a call that we needed to divert into Kandahar to pick up a guy who was critically-wounded,” he recalled of one mission in 2011.

“But that night when I was laying my head down, I realized I didn’t even ask what his name was,” Cavender told WFAA. “And it stuck with me because, to this day, I don’t know who he is, where he is, how he’s doing. And I’d love to reach out to him to thank him for the sacrifices he made for us.”

Now, as an ambassador for Carry the Load, Cavender tells those stories and more as he speaks to community groups and private company functions to help raise awareness and funds for the Carry the Load mission: reminding us all of the sacrifices we should honor each and every Memorial Day.

Read and watch the full story HERE.


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