May 13, 2022

CARRY THE LOAD | Volunteers walk across country to honor nation’s heroes

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — As the sun sets on a long, but productive day, Jeremiah Kincaid takes time to reflect as he hangs out at the fire station at Burton Street in Grand Rapids. The names on his backpack tell the story.

“Carrying family members of mine means a lot, because had it not been for doing family research, I would have never even known about them.” Kincaid said.

“We essentially forgot about them in my own family.”

Kincaid and a number of other volunteers for an organization called “Carry The Load” want to make sure that those who made a sacrifice for our country are never forgotten again. That’s why they’re walking across the country carrying backpacks with the names of heroes on them, and carrying American flags.

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