Non-Profit Partner Application

About Carry The Load

Our mission is to provide active ways to honor and remember our nation’s heroes by connecting Americans to the sacrifices made by our military, veterans, first responders, and their families.

Each of the Carry The Load (CTL) programs provides an active way for individuals and groups to remember, honor, and celebrate our nation’s heroes in dedication to those who sacrifice for us daily. The Continuum of Care program was created as a vehicle to collaborate with other like-minded organizations and provide much-needed services to our nation’s warriors.  

How it works

Each fall CTL’s third-party committee reviews applications and selects non-profit partners for the following calendar year.

Funds raised during the CTL Memorial May campaign allow CTL to grow its mission and vision, as well as provide our selected partners with visibility, media resources, networking, and collaboration opportunities.

If selected as a Non-Profit Partner (NPP), your organization will have the opportunity to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising during CTL Memorial May campaign (from February 1 through Memorial Day) using the CTL platform.  All fees associated with the platform will be absorbed by CTL. At the end of the fundraiser, 100% of the proceeds raised by each NPP during the campaign will return to your organization. Funds raised by NPPs during the Memorial May campaign are distributed once the campaign is closed and donations are reconciled (typically in July).

In addition, funds raised peer-to-peer by CTL constituents during the Memorial May campaign are distributed after the NPP committee carefully reviews scorecards, which rank contributions to the partnership by each NPP in a variety of categories. The amount and timing of any amounts distributed by CTL are at the sole discretion of CTL.  

Who is eligible to become an NPP for Carry The Load?

We encourage organizations to submit an NPP application if the organization you represent meets the following criteria:

Must understand and acknowledge that you are NOT applying for a grant, you are applying for a partnership with Carry The Load. With that partnership comes national visibility, resources, collaboration with other partners, networking, and fundraising opportunities during the annual  Memorial May campaign. As with any partnership, both partners work together for the greater good, both give and both receive benefits of the partnership.

Must have received and maintained a 501c3 organization designation by the IRS; Must provide services to Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their families (Who We Serve); Must demonstrate that the organization is sustainable and impactful for Who We Serve as determined by the committee; Must be able to demonstrate the needs for the funding, exposure, and awareness, such as the level of cost to impact one person and what benefit that person will receive.

Must not have a conflict of interest with a Board Member or NPP Committee member of CTL.  If a former NPP, must have accounted for the use of funds provided by CTL; Must provide financials or give Carry The Load the option to audit; and, Must be able to execute the Memorandum of Understanding demonstrating that you understand this criterion.

If you meet the above criteria, please continue below to complete the NPP Application. The application deadline is September 30 each year for partnerships beginning January 1 of the following year.

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    Contact person & organization information (physical address)

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    Choose the category that best describes the services your program provides.

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    The individual named below hereby certifies that all information provided by your organization to Carry The Load is correct to the best of his/her knowledge.