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Please consider making a donation to assist with the many challenges facing our military, veterans, first responders and their families. Donations for 2021 Memorial May will be accepted through midnight on Sunday, June 13.

Carry The Load started in 2011 as a grassroots effort by two Veteran U.S. Navy SEALs who felt like the nation had forgotten the meaning of Memorial Day. Now, Carry The Load has turned into a worldwide movement to honor our nation’s heroes and make Memorial Day matter again.

Carry The Load inspires people to actively participate in its Memorial May events to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. Upon registering, you can participate by hosting a Carry It Anywhere experience, organizing a youth Carry The Flag activity, walking in the National Relay, attending a City Rally, fundraising for our nation’s heroes, and taking part virtually throughout the 32-day event.

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The Rallies
The Relay

The Relay

Four routes operate daily throughout the month of May, handing off the American flag every 5 miles of walking and/or cycling. More than 15,500 miles of ground covered provides a chance to get out the message about honoring our nation’s heroes.

Learn more about the East Coast, Midwest, Mountain States or West Coast Routes.

The March

The March

The Dallas Memorial March, hosted in Carry The Load’s hometown, is our flagship event and the culmination of the National Relay. The March is a 2-day Memorial Day weekend event honoring service members and their families for the sacrifices they make.

Learn more about the Dallas Memorial March.

The Rallies

The Rallies

City Rallies honor our nation’s heroes during Memorial May. Rallies along the Relay route include the relay bus and team stopping to celebrate hometown heroes. Other rallies are stand alone events that have grown organically.

See when and where the Rallies are taking place this year.


Help us raise money to support programs benefitting military, veterans, first responders and their families.

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Even if you can’t commit to fundraising, you can make a donation now to support the cause.

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If You Can’t Join Us

You don’t have to attend a Carry The Load event to participate in Memorial May with us. Whether at your home or elsewhere, you can “Carry It Anywhere” and post photos on social media with the hashtag #CarryTheLoad.