Non-profit Partners

Each year Carry The Load works through a third-party committee to select non-profit partners that provide healing services for the mind, body and soul of our warriors. To allow these partners to focus on direct service programs, Carry The Load works as a force multiplier by establishing an environment of financial support to it's beneficiary partners and collaboration with all to make a greater impact across the nation. The submission period for partner application is open in September each year.


22Kill's mission is to create a community that raises awareness and combats suicide by empowering veterans, first responders, and their families through traditional and non-traditional therapies. 22Kill provides traditional mental health services through its Stay The Course (STC) program, and fosters camaraderie through non-traditional programs Wind Therapy, Forge, and W.A.T.C.H. 22Kill serves Veterans, First Responders, and families who have sacrificed for our country. We provide guidance, wellness, and healing from invisible wounds through evidence-based therapies for individuals, couples, and families at little or no cost to the client. Counselors and staff are competent in the military and first responder cultures, therefore providing a meaningful connection for families. The uniqueness of our programs lies in the use of personalized, integrated therapies with the Veterans or First Responders AND their families in order to help them interconnect as a family unit.

Assist the Officer

Assist The Officer’s provides financial assistance to officers who are facing the loss of income due to a serious injury, life-threatening illness or other catastrophic event. Immediate assistance is also available to an officer’s family in the event of the death of an active officer.

Gratitude Initiative

Gratitude Initiative’s mission is to provide educational support and college scholarships to the children and families of military service members, veterans, disabled veterans, and those killed in defense of our country. GI offers the most comprehensive full-service college preparatory program available today and covers all aspects of the high school-to-college transition process. Our proven program helps families save time, reduce stress, and save money in achieving their student’s higher education and career goals. It is the only program of its type serving military and veteran families.

Wind River Ranch

Wind River Ranch is blessed to use this historic dude ranch in Estes Park, Colorado to welcome our nation’s heroes and their families for special Healing Warriors weeks. Wind River Ranch is an ideal setting with a family-focused program to help our heroes and their families slow down, to disconnect from the distractions of today and to create memories as a family. This Christ-centered ranch offers a program that helps each family member to heal, to laugh and to adventure. These heroes’ lives are so busy and the families are stretched to the max. When we can slow down that pace and put them in God’s creation around other heroes walking through the same challenges, it is incredible to see how impactful these special weeks can be. The Healing Warrior weeks allow these injured Veterans and first responders the opportunity to invest in their family and to help them to create memories that don’t just last a life time, but nourish a life time. Healing Warriors and Wind River Ranch are honored to fully scholarship each selected family and give them a much needed family vacation.

Heroes on the Water

Heroes on the Water's mission is to Help Warriors Relax and Reconnect through Kayak Fishing and the Outdoors, Heroes on the Water has served over 48,000 warriors and 12,000 family members through nation-wide kayak fishing experiences. We have 64 chapters in 29 states, and are continuing to grow to better serve our community of heroes. Our volunteer-led events are no cost to our participants who receive all the equipment to enjoy a peaceful, calming event. The addition of peer-to-peer support through strong camaraderie furthers their wellness journey. Paddle. Fish. Heal. - more than a tag line - it's what we do.

Lt. Todd Krodle Memorial Foundation

Lt. Todd Krodle Memorial Foundation was founded in February 2014 by the family, crew and close friends of Lt. Krodle, the Lt. Todd Wesley Krodle Memorial Foundation exists to honor and carry on Lt. Krodle's legacy by: awarding annual scholarships to children of Dallas Fire Firefighters,providing financial assistance to other Dallas Fire Department Line of Duty Death families, providing financial assistance to Dallas Firefighters injured in the line of duty, and assisting with other needs within the department.

patriot 2

Patriot Paws mission is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disbled American veterans an others with mobile disabilities and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence.

Sheep Dog Impact

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance exists to engage, assist and empower our nation’s military and first responders, our “Sheep Dogs.” We offer continued service opportunities through Disaster Response Missions and Outdoor Adventures. After a shift/tour of duty ends, or an in combat or line of duty injury is suffered, Sheep Dogs may become depressed, isolated and lose their sense of purpose. By getting them up off the couch and around peers who have lived through similar situations, they receive the camaraderie and peer support they need, as well as healing and a renewed sense of purpose. For Sheep Dogs, “Helping Others is a Way of Life,” and “Helping is healing."”

Trinity Oaks

Trinity Oaks is founded on the premise that active participation in the outdoors is a powerful, healing and fundamentally life-changing experience. Trinity Oak’s mission is to use hunting, fishing and outdoor activities to give back and make a meaningful difference on the lives of others. For decades, we have known of the philosophical shift that outdoor activities cause within those who participate in them and how that profoundly impacts the wellness of our society. Our main goal is to connect the solace of wild places and the many recreational opportunities therein to offer respite comradery and an uplift of spirit to those that most need it but cannot afford it, including veterans, servicemen, underserved and disabled youth and others in need.

Herschel Woody Williams Congressional Medal Foundation

The Woody Williams Foundation is a charitable 501c3 nonprofit organization that pursues the vision of Medal of Honor recipient Hershel “Woody” Williams to establish Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments in communities throughout the United States, sponsor Gold Star Family outreach programs, provide Living Legacy scholarships to eligible Gold Star Children, and to advocate for educational benefits for all Gold Star Family members. Our mission is to honor, recognize, and serve Gold Star Families and the legacy of their Loved Ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.