Alan Dean Basso

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Kalama, WA

Branch of Service: Firefighter/EMT

Rank: Lieutenant

Alan Basso was a 36-year firefighting veteran. His career included five years as a seasonal firefighter with the Department of Natural Resources, one year with Washington State University, two years with Kalama Fire as a career firefighter, 21 years as a Kalama Fire volunteer and captain and more than 21 years as a firefighter and lieutenant for the Longview Fire Department.

Basso was a quintessential small-town guy with a heart matched only by his larger-than-life personality. A towering pillar of his community, Alan was a port commissioner at the Port of Kalama for eight years, a substitute teacher for Kalama School District, and a part time county juvenile detention officer. His extraordinary dedication to community service will never be forgotten.

Alan’s integrity, humility and sense of humor endeared him to multiple generations. He was always authentically himself. Alan loved spending time with his family and friends, W.S.U. Cougar football, trips to Hawaii, camping, traveling, and teasing the girls in the family.

Age: 59

Date of Death: November 27, 2020

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