Brady D. Oberg

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Ulen, MN

Branch of Service: United States Army

Rank: Specialist

Specialist Brady Oberg was trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, and was stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana as a part of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division, 4th Brigade. He deployed to Afghanistan, serving in the front lines of Operation Enduring Freedom. Oberg was a courageous, tough, and highly skilled infantryman who earned the respect of his fellow soldiers and the Army Commendation Medal for saving four of his brothers.

Brady was a patriot with a strong love of his country. He was an avid reader and believed that education had the power to change the world. Brady was looked up to and respected by everyone who knew him. He was very intelligent, willing to try anything to help others, and truly wanted the best for everyone he knew.

Brady had high ideals and frequently talked of his desire to leave some kind of legacy behind him. The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation honors this desire with its devotion to addressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Age: 26

Date of Death: June 08, 2015

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