Bryan Heath Hays

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Haughton, LA

Branch of Service: Marines

Rank: SGT

Sergeant First Class Bryan Heath Hays served seventeen years in both the Marines and the U.S. Army. He graduated from the Army school of Combat Medicine in 1999 and was assigned to 501st Military Police Company earning the rank of Sergeant. Heath was later reassigned to 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment for six years, including two deployments to Iraq. His final assignment was as the NCOIC of Emergency Services at Basset Army Community Hospital where he died of a heart attack while on active duty.

Bryan was dedicated to a life of service and the best medic a soldier could ask for. He was incredibly kind, caring, and compassionate. He enjoyed football (especially LSU football), hunting, riding ATV’s, whitewater rafting, and most importantly, spending time with his wife and kids.

“He was the most selfless caring individual to come into my life. No matter the circumstance, Hays always made time to listen, talk, and be there for everyone,” recalled platoonmate James Jeffers.

Age: 40

Date of Death: December 26, 2012

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