Charles C. Strong

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Suffolk, VA

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Rank: Sergeant

Sergeant Charles C. Strong enlisted with the Marines in 2003 where he trained as a Motor Transportation Operator, Military Police, and as an Instructor at the Officer Candidates School in Quantico. He participated in Operation Matador, Quick Strike, Operation Rubicon, and Mars. Strong was serving as a Marine Special Operations Command (MARCOC) Critical Skills Operator when he died while conducting combat operations in Herat Province, Afghanistan.

Fellow Marines wrote the following, “You were the definition of a Marine, the epitome of what it is to be the ultimate man, and an excellent husband. You would have been an outstanding father. You were a mentor, a leader, and a friend. There wasn’t a question you didn’t have the answer for. There wasn’t a person you wouldn’t help. Above all there isn’t a person you met whose soul you didn’t touch.”

Charlie loved life and embraced it to the fullest. He always looked for the best in people and in every situation. A true patriot, he believed in love of country and respect to our Veterans and honoring our nations fallen.

Age: 28

Date of Death: September 15, 2014

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