Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Killeen, TX

Branch of Service: Killeen Police Department

Rank: Detective

Det. Dinwiddie served the Killeen Police Department for 18 years, 15 on the SWAT team. He paid the ultimate price while serving a search warrant. Almost five years later, the case has still has not gone to trial. His wife and sister have ridden the 250-mile Police Unity Tour twice from VA to Washington DC to kick off National Police Week.

Chuck was the youngest of six children, so he was definitely a salesman! His laugh was infectious, and his heart was huge. He treated everyone with respect and dignity and was proud to serve in the community he grew up in. Biggest family man ever. After 22 years of marriage, still treated his wife like they were newlyweds. They had two beautiful children together.

Chuck was a Godly man, and even though God’s plan is greater than that of his family’s and friend’s, it doesn’t make the loss any easier. Despite the fact that his time on this earth was so short, “I feel blessed to have been able to call him friend and it will be my honor to walk for him,” recalled close friend Amanda McCain.

Age: 47

Date of Death: May 11, 2014

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