Collin J. Bowen

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Baltimore, MD

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Rank: Sergeant First Class

Collin J. Bowen was assigned to C Company 1st Battalion 175th Infantry Regiment when he volunteered to serve in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in November 2006. He was an embedded tactical trainer to the Afghan National Army (ANA), training Afghan Soldiers in critical combat skills.

For his exemplary service, Collin was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, the MD Distinguished Service Cross and the Order of Saint Maurice among others. He epitomized the spirit of the volunteer and the highest traditions of the citizen-soldier. He served with a sense of purpose, willingly accepted difficult missions and made the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live in peace.

Outside the military, he was a very hard worker, and a very responsible and affectionate father. His friends would describe him as a “true friend”. Someone they could always count on. After his passing and even now years later, his friends have always stood by his family’s side, making sure that they could pay forward all he had done for them.

Age: 38

Date of Death: March 14, 2008

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