Daniel A. Rodriguez

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Bronx, NY

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Daniel A. Rodriguez served his country actively for 10 years. He served four tours of deployment, two for Iraqi freedom, and two for Enduring Freedom. Daniel loved fast cars, family, and having a great time. Daniel was wise beyond his years and you either loved him or hated him, never in between. He loved his wife Tiffanie and three children Celeste, Serenity and Daniel Jr.

Daniel was not only a family man, but was great with people. He was an unforgettable soul and an old soul. With his amazing smile, he always knew how to make people feel welcomed and worthy.

The one special thing I want people to remember about him was his dedication to country. He always said that if he were to die for anything, it would start with what he believed in, and that was his country. He would fight long and hard so that his family, his brothers and sisters of this nation would always be at peace.

Age: 28

Date of Death: July 18, 2012

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