Elo August Wilhelm Ahlgrim

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Columbus, TX

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Rank: Private First Class

Private First Class. Elo Ahlgrim served in the Army during WWII and was killed in action in Okinawa, Japan. Among many honors and decorations, he was awarded the Bronze Star, with the War Department citing, “heroic service in connection with military operations against the enemy on Okinawa Island.”

The War Department stated, “Ahlgrim displayed exceptional heroism, he continued to crawl forward to the crest of the hill; there he observed 12 enemy riflemen and a heavy machine gun preparing to counter attack. He called to his platoon leader requesting mortar fire, and staying in an exposed position, directed the mortars. He then opened fire with an automatic rifle.

He loved his wife and kids. He was very brave. He sacrificed his life for his country.

Age: 26

Date of Death: April 21, 1945

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