Frank Massengale

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Fort Worth, TX

Branch of Service: Fort Worth Fire Department

Rank: Firefighter

Frank Massengale was a volunteer fireman and became one of the first paid firemen in Fort Worth in 1893. Frank Massengale was killed while fighting a fire at a stable where the Fort Worth Stock Show is now held. He came in contact with an electric line carrying 2300 volts while standing in water. As he fell, a wooden wall of the building fell on him.

He was a hard worker both as a volunteer firefighter and as a paid firefighter. He instilled in his family the meaning of service and patriotism. He earned the Rank of Captain before leaving for another business opportunity. He missed the fire department so much, that he returned to the Fort Worth Fire Department at the entry level position of firefighter, only to be killed in the line of duty.

Frank’s legacy has lived on, now in its 5th generation, of volunteer service to the fire department.

Age: 60

Date of Death: June 13, 1927

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