Greg Wright

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Virginia Beach, VA

Branch of Service: United States Law Enforcement

Rank: Special Agent

Special Agent Wright graduated from VMI in 1996 and joined the Marine Corps. He attended Officers’ Candidate School, Infantry Officer Course, the Scout-Sniper School and the Army Intelligence School. In 2000, Greg launched a new career as a highly trained, special security services officer. Traveling around the world, he was assigned to protect key individuals. IIn 2005, following a successful agent meeting in a Middle Eastern country, several CIA officers and Greg were returning to base in a vehicle when they were ambushed by an unidentified number of combatants. The officers took evasive action, and a 40-kilometer chase ensued during which hundreds of rounds impacted the vehicle. At a CIA memorial Service, then-Director of CIA General Hayden commented on Greg’s actions: “At the wheel of the car he was as calm and professional as ever, despite the growing chaos and confusion all around him.” Eventually, the engine failed and caught on fire, forcing the occupants out of the vehicle. The four men took up a defensive position and attempted to move to a safer location. Greg shielded one officer who had been shot in order to give him an opportunity to bandage his wound and, in the process, Greg was shot in the leg. Help arrived shortly thereafter and the ambushers relented. The injured were taken to a nearby clinic and treated, but Greg died at the scene. He was 32 years old. Greg’s star is 1 of only 113 on the CIA Wall of Honor. During the CIA’s annual ceremony to commemorate them in 2006, then-CIA Director General Michael Hayden said, “Above all when we think of Greg, we will remember his generous spirit.” No one could make you laugh like Greg.

Age: 32

Date of Death: December 07, 2005

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