Jaime Gonzalez Jr.

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: El Paso, TX

Branch of Service: TX Army National Guard

Rank: Sergeant

Gonzalez joined the Navy in 1989 and served six years before enlisting in the Navy Reserves. In 2006 he joined the TX Army National Guard as a private first class. He was called to active duty in November 2007 and joined the 436th Chemical Company, based in Laredo.

Jaime always had a smile, no matter how dire the situation was. He always reMEd so positive.

Gonzo was always the level headed NCO, when things were bad, he just had a way of making things easier to manage and kept everyone else calm. Many of us stressed out a lot over so many things, and Gonzo taught us how to manage or stress which made us more resilient and better prepared. Today when things are going rough, I see Gonzo’s face with his big smile and I’m able to continue forward.

Age: 40

Date of Death: August 03, 2008

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