Juan M. Ridout

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Corpus Christi, TX

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Staff Sergeant Juan Ridout became a Pararescue Jumper in 1997, first assigned to the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron. In 1999, he participated in Operation Allied Force, rescuing a downed F-16 pilot inside Kosovo. He was named Pararescueman of the Year for his heroism. Ridout was killed when his MH-47E crashed on its way to search for potential terrorist threats on the ground in the Philippine Islands.

Juan genuinely cared for others. He was hard-working, creative, humble, and very funny. He was also an artist and musician. He had the best and loudest laugh, especially while watching movies. Juan was, is, and always will be very loved and missed.

Sergeant Ridout loved his country, his countrymen, his military brothers and sisters, and his family tremendously. As a PJ, he was a quiet and humble professional who risked and gave his life willingly, “So that others may live.” Today, Juan would encourage you to trust your life to Jesus as Lord and Savior, who also gave His life willing for those He loved, “So that others may live,” John 3:16

Age: 29

Date of Death: February 22, 2002

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