Kenneth Arnold Stonebraker

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Hobert, IN

Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Arnold Stonebraker served in the Air Force, 11th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. He was the navigator aboard an RF-4C Phantom II on a reconnaissance mission when it disappeared over North Vietnam. His remains have not been recovered.

Kenny was a dedicated father and husband. He was passionate about his military service and always went above and beyond for those he served with. He planned to attend seminary and continue his service as a Chaplain.

Kenny was raised on a farm in IN, loved horses, fishing and was dedicated to family and service. Even though he has been Missing-In-Action for 52 year, he has left a legacy of service to his children. Daddy, you are NOT FORGOTTEN.

Age: 29

Date of Death: October 28, 1968

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