Louis Allen

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Chester, NY

Branch of Service: Army National Guard

Rank: 1 LT

It was with a sense of unfulfilled duty that Lou joined the National Guard shortly before his first son was born. He was as proud of his country and his service as he was of his wife and four boys. His Unit was the first NG unit to report to Ground Zero on 9/1. He deployed on Memorial Day, 2005, to FOB Danger in Tikrit, Iraq. He was murdered by a fellow soldier, four days after arriving on base.

Lou’s love of sarcasm and his short fuse for being micro-managed occasionally created ripples in his military career. It was one of the most annoying, lovable things about him, how he could make you mad one minute and then make you laugh so hard, you forgot to be mad. He loved being a high school teacher, an Army Officer, and a husband, but he loved his four boys more than anything else in life.

Age: 32

Date of Death: June 08, 2005

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