Marc Alan Lee

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Hood River, OR

Branch of Service: United States Navy

Rank: Navy SEAL

Marc joined the Navy in May 2001 with a contract to go to BUDs. He graduated class 251 and was a member of SEAL Team 3, Task Unit Bruiser, Charlie platoon. On his final day, he stood into the line of fire 3 different times to defend his teammates during a fire fight with Iraqi insurgents in Ramadi. His heroic actions earned him the Sliver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Valor and other awards

The TRADET building in Coronado on the SEAL base, is named the Marc A Lee Training Center. He had an amazing sense of humor, was selfless, compassionate, strong, a man of deep faith, and always persevered. In Marc’s final actions, he willingly gave his life to give the gift of life to his teammates, and for our freedoms. Marc loved deeply and was deeply loved and we will never forget.

Age: 28

Date of Death: August 02, 2006

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