Margaret E. “Peggy” Park

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Columbus, Ohio

Branch of Service: Game and Wildlife

Rank: Officer

Margaret “Peggy” Park was serving as a Florida Game and Wildlife Officer and on routine patrol when she was brutally killed by two men, one a parolee and the other a juvenile. The suspects beat her in the head multiple times with her flashlight and wrestled her weapon away, then shot her. Both assailants were arrested a short time later. The juvenile served almost three years in prison before being paroled. The adult was executed in 2010.

Park will be remembered for her courage, her spirit, and her dedication. She was one of very few female officers at the time who bravely went out on patrol alone. Park’s ashes were taken by helicopter and scattered over the eagles’ nests on her beat.


Date of Death: December 13, 1984

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