Michael “Mikey” Schunk Jr.

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Tonawanda, NY

Branch of Service: United States Navy

Rank: YN3

Yeoman Third Class Michael Schunk Jr. served in the U.S. Navy from 2005-2007, supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and doing a tour of duty around Africa to protect against Somalian Pirates. Mikey was later landbound and served in the JAG Corps office in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Everyone who knew Mikey knew he was such a bright light. He was always playing the comedian and could make anyone smile. Although his circle was small, each relationship was full of meaning. He was a true friend to those close to him. Mikey was also an extremely talented artist. His pencil drawings were amazing and a great source of self-care for him.

“I want Mikey to be remembered for his character. He was the best person in the world. He would do anything for anyone, no matter the cost to him. He had a huge heart and so much love for his family and friends,” recalled his sister, Nicole.

Age: 23

Date of Death: September 07, 2007

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