Murel W. Hardgrave

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Antlers, OK

Branch of Service: Army

Rank: 1st Lt

Growing up, Murel was active in the Antlers’ Boy Scouts where he learned to be of service to the community, filling various essential roles. He had many friends in his hometown who were very proud of his military service and impressed by how quickly he was advancing.

Murel’s last mission was as the commanding pilot of a B-29 bomber. The crew of eleven were responsible for delivering a heavier than usual munitions load to an aircraft engine factory in Japan, requiring a low altitude flight. They were brought down by anti-aircraft artillery and were lost at sea. They are all still considered MIA and are memorialized at the Court of the Missing in Honolulu, Hawaii.

First Lieutenant Murel Hardgrave joined the Army Air Forces in May 1942 after attending college. He completed his primary training at Kelly Field, Texas, and was later sent to Randolph Field, Texas where he graduated in December 1942, earning his wings and commission.


Date of Death: March 25, 1945

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