Nathan Luke Shaw

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Phoenix City, AL

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Rank: Sergeant

Sergeant Nathan Shaw started his military career attached to the Army Reserve 362nd Psychological Operations Company, later going Active Army. He attended combat medic training at Fort Sam Houston, TX in 2007. At the time of his death, Shaw was a combat medic assigned to the 690th Ground Ambulance Company at Fort Benning, GA. Shaw deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq.

His smile and personality were infectious. He could find the best in the most miserable of situations and raise everyone’s spirits. And nobody knew more about baseball (especially the TX Rangers) than Luke.

Luke had such a giving heart and loved his family dearly. He always made a point to send his mother a gift no matter where he was or the circumstance. He was the brother that all families wish they had.

Age: 32

Date of Death: April 12, 2011

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