Patrick Marc M. Rapicault

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: St. Augustine, FL

Branch of Service: U.S. Marine Corps

Rank: Captain

Platoon Commander of Whiskey Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Platoon commander of 1st Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST), 4th Platoon. Graduated first in his class from Army Ranger School. On November 15, 2004 in Ramadi, Iraq a suicide car bomber rammed Whiskey Six, mortally wounding Captain Rapicault and two other Marine Corps.

Patrick Rapicault, commonly referred to as “Frenchy” by his U.S. Marine Corps, was an honest man, a tough guy with a big heart, one who saw the U.S. Marine Corps he led as “his boys.” I’ve never known anyone quite like him and I don’t think I ever will again. He loved life, and was willing to put down his life for our country, which puts him in a totally different category.

Captain Rapicault always displayed an infectious enthusiasm that motivated every Marine to fight hard and recover quickly from battle. On every mission, Captain Rapicault’s intuitive and calm combat leadership ensured success on the battlefield, with limited damage to vehicles and friendly casualties. He was fearless. He was born a Frenchman but died an American.

Age: 34

Date of Death: November 15, 2004

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