Richard James Bastin

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Fort Worth, TX

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Rank: Sergeant First Class

He was drafted into the Army in 1962. Re-enlisted and reclassified from Infantry to Aviation. He served three tours in Vietnam retired from active duty in 1982. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1997 and died on 17 Dec 2001. The VA determined that his lung cancer was caused by Agent Orange poisoning and ruled his death to be connected to his service in Vietnam.

He had a way about him that people either loved him or they hated him. Most of the ones that hated him in the beginning, loved him once they figured him out. Like a true career NCO, it was difficult to tell if he was joking or serious until the side of his mustache twitched to break a smile. He loved the U.S. Army and he loved this Country.

Not all casualties happen on the battlefield. My dad was killed in Vietnam, but died 30 painful years later in a hospital in Fort Worth.

Age: 59

Date of Death: December 17, 2001

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