Richard Wayne Perdue

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Velma, OK

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Rank: Specialist

Richard was a MP with the 272nd MP Co and served in Vietnam. He was killed on Jan. 29, 1968 while trying to get four Peace Corps nurses out of a villa overrun by North Vietnamese during the Tet offensive. He volunteered for this job while off duty and gave his life to help.

Richard “Dickie” was such a kind and thoughtful person who was the best big brother a girl could have. His friends love to tell the silly pranks he would pull during his teenage years. He is remembered by those he served with as being a great leader.

He had a daughter at home in PA whom he never saw. His story is included in a book “Perennial Wanderer” written by one of the nurses he saved. It has been 50 years since he was killed and my family still receives emails from those he served with who want to tell us what a special person he was to them.

Age: 21

Date of Death: January 29, 1968

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