Robert Lopez

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Riverside, CA

Branch of Service: United States Army

Rank: Lt. Col.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lopez was a Green Beret Special Forces Commander. He served in WWII, the Korean War, and as an Advisor during the Vietnam War. On an insertion mission into either Cambodia or Laos, his aircraft came under enemy fire. He lowered the men safely to the ground, but he and the pilot did not survive the crash.

Bold, courageous, always a risk taker, Lopez liked challenging himself. While he was very athletic, he also had an artistic side and enjoyed playing French horn. He loved his family and children very much, and they were never far from his thoughts. He would always go the extra mile to help his military buddies and had saved some of their lives prior to the incident in Vietnam.

“My father sacrificed his life for others. There wasn’t a mean bone in his body. He was also a very generous man and looked out for others. He was a very handsome and soft spoken man and had no difficulty getting women’s attention. He loved his children very much,” recalled daughter Patricia Lopez.

Age: 42

Date of Death: March 06, 1968

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