Russell L. Collier

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Harrison, AR

Branch of Service: Army

Rank: SGT

Sergeant Russell L. Collier served in the military his entire life. He served in the Navy, the Army, and finally the National Guard. While on patrol near Baghdad, a member of Collier’s brigade was hit by small-arms fire. Collier handed his rifle to another soldier and ran to him with only his medic’s bag in tow. He was killed before he could reach the wounded soldier.

Russell was a very giving person. He loved his country, his family, and his fellow man.

“I want people to remember that Russell gave his life for everyone in this country and for our future children. He was honored to serve his country and served in the military selflessly,” recalled his wife, Veronica Collier.

Age: 49

Date of Death: October 03, 2004

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