Stuart “The Fang” Present

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Houston, TX

Branch of Service: United States Air Force

Rank: Major

Major Stuart M. Present joined the U.S. Air Force and was accepted into Test Pilot School. As an elite aviator, he had a mission to help advance the technology of his country’s aircraft. He went to work with NASA training Apollo Astronauts and he remained active in the 111th Fighter Squadron at Ellington Air Force Base. He was killed in a testing mission while developing the Space Shuttle Program.

Stuart was an amazing husband, father, friend, and aviator. He was passionate about attention to detail along with aviation safety. Stuart was a man of his word and a very dedicated pilot. He was also known for his practical jokes amongst his fellow pilots.

Stuart Present was killed doing what he loved to do – flying. He knew what he did was dangerous and never left the house without a hug, kiss and an “I Love You.” NASA honors him every year by presenting the Stuart Present Flight Achievement Award to a pilot.

Age: 38

Date of Death: January 20, 1972

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