Thomas Truesdale

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Pawtucket, RI

Branch of Service: Pawtucket Police Department, Pawtucket, RI / U.S. Navy Veteran

Rank: Detective Lieutnant

Big Tom was a Navy Veteran who followed his military service with 37 years as a law enforcement officer with the Pawtucket, RI Police Department. He and his partner Detective Emil Newberg were shot and killed while attempting to disarm a barricaded mentally ill man who had been holding his elderly mother hostage. Detective Lieutenant Truesdale was killed on his 58th birthday.

He was a loving husband, father, and partner who believed that everyone had some good in them. He was devoted to the job, and to the community. Big Tom would work with guys who had just gotten out of jail, to help them find jobs and places to live. His life of service inspired his son and three grandsons to enter into military or law enforcement careers.

Detective Lieutenant Thomas Truesdale was devoted to the job. At the time of his death, he was writing a book to help fellow police officers understand the law, so that they could perform their duties in the best possible way.

Age: 58

Date of Death: June 30, 1958

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