Walter T. Williams

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Waterbury, CT

Branch of Service: United States Law Enforcement


At approximately 4:00 AM December 18, 1992, Patrolman Walter Williams, an eight-year veteran who also served in the Air Force, was on patrol in a one-officer car in the north end of Waterbury. Williams stopped his marked patrol car after observing two males conducting what appeared to be a narcotics transaction.

Patrolman Williams exited his cruiser and detained the two men. One of the men produced a pistol and shot Patrolman Williams. The two men fled the scene. A passerby found Patrolman Williams and used the radio in Williams’ cruiser to call for help.

At approximately 7:30 PM that evening of December 18, 1992, Patrolman Williams succumbed to his injuries at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury. Williams is survived by his wife, Jeannine, three sons, Walter, Zac and Matt, mother, sister and brother.

Age: 34

Date of Death: December 18, 1992

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