William L. Rushing

Fallen Hero’s Hometown and State: Austin, TX

Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Rank: First Lieutenant

1st Lt. William L. Rushing joined the Army in 1965. Initially, he served as an MP, then worked his way up to becoming an officer. On April 30, 1968, while serving as the Armored Recon Unit Commander for 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry Regiment/C Troop, in Quang Tri, Vietnam, his APV was attacked in the night and he was badly burned from an explosion. He succumbed to his wounds on May 6, 1968.

Rushing believed in serving his country, as his father had served before him. He believed the military was an honorable profession.

“I know that he loved his family very much. I was not born until he passed. He desired to make his family proud and thought of military service as a family tradition. I wish I could have known him, and he could have known me and my children,” remembers son Bill Rushing.

Age: 22

Date of Death: May 06, 1968

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